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10 - TravelLing to China

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10.1 Visas
10.2 Travel to China


China is perceived by many UK businesses to be a relatively new, and exciting market, with great opportunities waiting to be developed. At the same time, the prospect of travelling to this country to do business may be somewhat daunting. This brief course is designed with the first-time visitor in mind, taking you through the cultural pitfalls, and showing you what to do, and what not to do, on your first visit to the country.

Whilst this course is designed primarily for those who have no knowledge of the Chinese market, it is anticipated that it will also be of use to the more experienced traveller, who would like to deepen their knowledge of Chinese culture. In furthering your knowledge, you should enhance your ability to operate in this new market. With this in mind, the following pages offer a comprehensive information pack, designed to smooth the way to doing business in China


10.1 Visas

The visa application processes requires the following:

• A full British passport (valid for a minimum period of at least six months after the end of the visit).
• 2 passport size current photos
• A letter of invitation from your Chinese host company
• A completed visa application form

Hand in or post your documents (with your passport) and the visa administration fee (£30.00 for a simple entry visa) to the Chinese Embassy in London, or either of the Regional Consulate Generals, listed below:

Name and Address Office Hours and Contact Numbers
The Chinese Embassy,
49/51 Portland Place,
London W1N 3AH
Office Hours: 09:00-12:00 (Monday-Friday)
24-hour Visa Information: 09001-880808
Telephone: 020 76365179
Web Site:
Visa Section Office,
The Chinese Embassy,
31 Portland Place,
London W1B 1QD
Office Hours: 09:00-12:00 (Monday-Friday)
24-hour Visa Information: 0891 880808
Telephone: 020 76311430 (14:00-16:00)
Fax: 020 7436 9178
Visa Office,
The Chinese
Consulate-General in Manchester,
Denison House,
49 Denison Road,
Manchester M14 5RX
Telephone: 0161- 2248672, 2247443
Fax: 0161-2572672
Visa Office,
The Chinese
Consulate-General in Edinburgh,
Romano House,
43 Station Road,
Edinburgh EH12 7AF
Telephone: 0131 3164789, 3348501
Fax: 0131-334 6954


10.2 Travel to China

When you have obtained your Chinese visa, the next step is to buy your ticket. If you book well in advance, you may be eligible for a price discount. Consult your local travel agent for their updated prices. The airlines that have flights to China from the UK are:

Destination Departures Carrier Booking Link
Beijing Hong Kong 1. Aberdeen (via LHR)
2. Edinburgh (via LHR)
3. Glasgow (via LHR)
4. Leeds (via LGW&LHR)
5. London (HR)
6. Manchester (via LHR)
7. Newcastle upon Tyne (via LHR)
British Airways
Beijing Shanghai Hong Kong 1. Aberdeen (via Amsterdam)
2. Birmingham (via Amsterdam)
3. Bristol (via Amsterdam)
4. Cardiff (via Amsterdam)
5. Edinburgh (via Amsterdam)
6. Glasgow (via Amsterdam)
7. Humberside (via Amsterdam)
8. Leeds (via Amsterdam)
9. London (CY) via Amsterdam
10. London (HR) via Amsterdam
11. Manchester (via Amsterdam)
12. Newcastle (via Amsterdam)
13. Norwich (via Amsterdam)
14. Teesside (via Amsterdam)  
Beijing Shanghai Hong Kong 1. Birmingham (via Frankfurt)
2. Edinburgh (via Frankfurt)
3. London (HR) via Frankfurt)
4. Manchester (via Frankfurt)
Shanghai Hong Kong London (HR) Virgin Airlines
Beijing Shanghai 1. London (HR) via Istanbul
2. Manchester (via Istanbul)
Turkish Airlines
Beijing London (HR) & London (CY) Air China
Beijing Shanghai Hong Kong 1. Aberdeen (via Paris CDG)
2 Edinburgh (via Paris CDG)
3. Glasgow (via Paris CDG)
4. London (HR or CY) via CDG
5. Manchester (via Paris CDG)
6. Newcastle (via Paris CDG)
Air France
Beijing Hong Kong London (LHR) via Helsinki Finnair
Hong Kong 1. Birmingham (via Dubai)
2. London (LHR)/(LGW) via Dubai
3. Manchester (via Dubai)
Hong Kong 1. London (LHR)
2. Manchester (via LHR)
3. Newcastle (via LHR)
Cathay Pacific
Hong Kong London (LHR) via Abu Dhabi (AUH) Gulf Air

Note: If your business takes you to North China, fly to Beijing; if you will be visiting the East of the country, then Shanghai is the best city; and for destinations in the South, go to Hong Kong.

On a final note, remember to confirm your transcontinental return flight at least 48 hours before the date of departure, and you should also note that internal flights need to be confirmed several hours prior to your departure.

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