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Chinese translation services in Oldham
In 1998, CMC was asked to receive a municipal delegation from Xishan (in Jiangsu Province) during a visit to the North of England. We took the opportunity to introduce the delegation to the town of Oldham in Greater Manchester. One thing lead to another, reciprocal visits were made and the local authorities in Oldham and Xishan signed a friendship agreement.

Acting upon proposals drawn up by CMC, a China Trade Centre was established but for reasons best understood by the chap who volunteered to run it, the initiative failed.

Over in Jiangsu, local authority re-organisation saw Xishan absorbed into Wuxi City and the good news is that as of 2006 both local authorities are now re-invigorating the friendship links and the focus is back on Xishan.   

Whether you are producing business cards, brochures, manuals, website localised in Chinese, a-v presentations, technical and specialist documentation, product catalogues, or reference books, translation provides the bricks and mortar of any company’s presence in the Chinese market. You will have ensured that your English documentation is 100% accurate and utterly readable; we'll ensure that your Chinese adheres to your standards.

Chinese Marketing and Communications have more experience of providing Chinese translation services than almost any other UK-based company, and most of those based in China for that matter. We know where linguistic difficulties might lie and so anticipate them. We're realistic about turnaround times, and we're still quick.

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