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Chinese translation services in Liverpool
It was 1984 that the friends who went on to found CMC launched North West Silk Words in Liverpool and Manchester.
Over the years, we’ve organised all manner of activities in Liverpool including dragon boat racing competitions in the Albert Dock, calligraphy demonstrations, and the earliest strands of the environmental protection dialogue with sister city Shanghai.

More recently, we are proud to be able to assist the ground-breaking Liverpool Shanghai Partnership with a range of services. 

Whether you are producing business cards, brochures, manuals, website localised in Chinese, a-v presentations, technical and specialist documentation, product catalogues, or reference books, translation provides the bricks and mortar of any company’s presence in the Chinese market. You will have ensured that your English documentation is 100% accurate and utterly readable; we'll ensure that your Chinese adheres to your standards.

Chinese Marketing and Communications have more experience of providing Chinese translation services than almost any other UK-based company, and most of those based in China for that matter. We know where linguistic difficulties might lie and so anticipate them. We're realistic about turnaround times, and we're still quick.

If you want to know how we can help your company, do get in touch.